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Cannabis Business Conference -  Sports, Med, and Money 2015

Former Superbowl Champion and Former Denver Bronco Speak Out about Meedical Cannabis in Sports and why the NFL should lift the ban at Sports, Meds, and Money. The Second Day of the Confernce Features the Top Business Professionals in the Cannabis Industry as seen on CNBC's "Pot Barons" and People Magazines Marijuana Millionaires. Also featuring additional medical and money experts. #SportsMedsMoney See Conference Photo Album ClickHere


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Event Overview

Welcome to the Cannabis Business Executive Breakfast and 3 Day Conference. This event is hosted by Clover Leaf Consulting one of the most elite and well-connected cannabis business firms in the nation. The Executive Breakfast will feature 2 days of expert presentations and a networking exhibit vendor hall. Keynote speakers will include Former Denver Bronco, Marvin Washington, Glendale Mayor, Mike Dunafon, speakers from MSNBC’s Pot Barons, People Magazine’s Marijuana Millionaires, and various cannabis experts in the industry. We will include topics such as National Business and Brand Expansion, State by State Business Opportunities, Investment Market Overview, Financing Options, Macroeconomics Analysis and Economic Indicators, Business Setup, and Setting Best Practices and Corporate Standards.

The first day, “Medical Marijuana in Sports Medicine,” will feature Keynote Lead Speaker Marvin Washington, Super Bowl Champion XXXIII.  Additional topics will include medical marijuana use for injuries, cannabis as a sports enhancers, medical professionals weigh in and much more. 

This event contains a complete open house booth option for cannabis business owners to gain investment, sell their business, affiliate, and network. There will be no pitching but the entire networking happy hour will facilitate the introductions of hundreds of these opportunities. We will require sellers to have our entire proposal packet complete and ready for investors to be listed.  Additional consulting services are available at

Day three, Friday, will be an opportunity to earn a list of approved cannabis business education certifications from Clover Leaf University (CLU). CLU is the first cannabis university in America approved, regulated, and licensed by the Department of Higher Education's Private Occupational School Board. Learn how to open a cannabis business or get hired in the industry today. Learn about topics in law compliance, budtending, infusions & extractions, and commercial cultivation. These courses will be taught by experts in their field at the Auraria Campus, in the heart of downtown Denver.  

The Executive Breakfast and Conference will be an opportunity for cannabis business owners to gain investment, sell their businesses, merge, and network. The Exchange serves as an elite business service for qualified and verified entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners interested in mergers, acquisitions, investment opportunities, partnerships, and similar business ventures in the newly minted and exponentially growing legal cannabis industry. There will be an enormous amount of information.  Licensed real estate agents will receive free passes to the event if they list on the exchange.  Groups and experts will be identified by their event badge.

Interested Vendors can register here: booths and sponsorships are a great opportunity to get your brand in front of investors, industry, and media! This opportunity is limited and can be purchased on our event ticket page: 

This is a private event and will not be open to the general public. You will not be admitted without purchasing a pass or ticket.  Press passes will be given out at the event and must be requested ahead of time by filling out the form on the website. Additional Clover Leaf Consulting services can be also purchased at Qualified Businesses for sale can list for FREE on our website, with the purchase of a conference vendor booth. 

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Get Certified at Clover Leaf University (Auraria Campus) 
Classes Held on Day Three of Conference:

Clover Leaf University is approved, regulated, and licensed by the Department of Higher Educations Private Occupational School Board.
Available Course: (Each course concludes with a certificate of completion).

Course Descriptions

Open a Cannabis Business & Understanding the Laws: Retail VS Medical - 3 Hours (9 am -12 pm) - $299.00

Open a Cannabis Business
In depth advance study of the Cannabis Business and Industry. This course will examine the trade from a wide variety of perspectives from investors to managers, business growth, development and expansion, with attention to location scouting strategies, production and sales goals, and budget implementation. Strategically design your business model to reflect realistic, personalized objectives while continuing to adhere to state and local compliance laws. This class will teach you the advanced procedures for Cannabis Business operations for success.

Understanding the Laws Retail VS Medical 
Colorado leads the nation in marijuana regulation and policy. With the passage of Amendment 64, new opportunities in the cannabis business industry has also come with a new set of rules and regulations. In this class students will discuss the fundamentals differences between medical marijuana law and recreational marijuana law. Topics to be covered include state and local licensing procedures and how to remain updated on the constantly evolving rule-making process. This class will teach you the advanced Laws for the Cannabis Business. Class is 299.00 and has CLE Credits for Legal Professionals. 

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Mass Warehouse Commercial Cultivation & Pro Grade Infusion & Extractions - 3 Hours (12 pm - 3pm) - $299.00

Infusion & Extractions Labs
This class will teach its participants about the chemistry of the infusion or extraction process. You will learn about solvent extraction terminology and about specific processes and equipment. Participants will also understand the characteristics and challenges of solvents and safety compliance procedures and regulations.

Mass Warehouse Commercial Cultivation
This class seeks to teach participants how to grow and cultivate Cannabis for Commercial purposes. Participants upon completion of this course will understand the legal requirements of commercial growing for retail and for medical purposes. They will understand the proper techniques of how to grow commercial marijuana, when to grow and how much they can legally grow for retail or medicinal use.There will be additional classes for more extensive knowledge in breeding Cannabis for commercial purposes. Cultivation 102 will be divided into three modules and an internship program which are required for class completion: Safety and Compliance, and Industrial Growing and Cloning for Commercial Use.

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Dispensary Management Procedures - Making your CannaBusiness a Success - 3 Hours (3 pm - 6 pm) - $299.00

Get the most out of your business by learning how to develop and implement standard operating procedures for both management and staff. Cannabis business compliance and strict record keeping will demonstrated. Learn how to encourage sales goals and product development to make the most of your operations. Turn your dispensary and warehouse staff into satisfied operational and sales experts. The course will provide training in sales processes, legal compliance, customer service, marketing tools and public relations. Discussion of these business operations and goals will take place with guest speakers that will provide valuable feedback.

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You can sign up for Classes on the event page or on our website: