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Open, Invest, or Purchase a Cannabis Business

NYC - June 14, 2016 Click Here to purchase tickets

LA - September 6, 2016 Click Here to purchase tickets

Join Clover Leaf University’s expert curriculum and staff, for our 6 hour full day certification workshop. This workshop is split into various sessions on business startup, opportunities, national expansion, laws, compliance, mass warehouse cultivation, extractions, infusions, investments, best practices, corporate business standards, and the bright future. This new industry allows the opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter on the ground floor of this booming business. This specialized workshop is unparalleled. If you are looking for an overall a-z workshop for the marijuana business then this class is for you! Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in America. Enroll Now! Get started in the industry today! 2015 marked a monumental year in the history of the cannabis industry launching over 996 million dollars in its second recreational year with over 153,000,000 in tax revenue and state fees from the program to date. With Colorado and Washington leading the way, our nation is allowing for a new state markets to emerge that will boost our national economic outlook. This is a time where people can chase the American dream and be a prosperous business owner doing what they love. Since legalization in 2012, the cannabis market has set a national precedence and captured the eyes of major financing companies, investors, and stock firms nationally. The market has been growing at an exponential rate, with an estimated 10 Billion dollars in sales coming in the next fiscal year. As legalization spreads, the market will climb from minted patient use, to four billion people in the world who are 21 and up, reports the NY Times. With National Legalization on the horizon and national market opportunities becoming available, the fast advancements and potential in Cannabis have made this undoubtably one of the fastest growing industries in America today. Clover Leaf University offers real time business and industry expertise and knowledge to provide top of the line state approved curriculum for business owners, governments, and employees. Although the numbers are staggering, so are the complications of the business. We work with all aspects of the industry, to ensure we keep you updated, in compliance, and ready for this once in a lifetime business opportunity.

Written By Chloe Villano

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10 Business Workshop Topics - 30 Minutes Each

Seminar Hours - 10 am to 6 pm

• 10:00 - Open a Cannabis Business, Laws, National Business Opportunities

• 10:30 - Location, Applications, Government Approval

• 11:00 - Invest, Open, or Purchase a Business - Comparing Business Opportunities

• 11:30 - Successful Business Models - National Expansion (Medical / Recreational)

• 12:00 - Compliance, Compliance, Compliance “Heavy Regulation”

• 12:30 - Standard Operating Procedures / Hiring Credible Experts

• 1:00 - How To Make the Most Money / Best Practices / Budgets

• 1:30 - Lunch Break

• 2:30 - Seed to Sale / Inventory Tracking Procedures / Transportation

• 3:00 - Wholesale Business Models / Markets

• 3:30 - Mass Warehouse Cultivation Operation & Facility Set up

• 4:00 - Infused Product Manufacturers - The Future of Cannabis - E-Pens, Oil, Wax, CBD, Edibles

• 4:30 - Mass Level Production and Sales Training - Hiring, SOP’s, Regulated Vendor and Lab Training

• 5:00 - Labeling, Packaging, Transportation • 5:30 - Ancillary Business Models and Investment Opportunities

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Presented by: Chloe Villano, CEO/President, Clover Leaf University; Adam Dunn, Master Cultivator/Professor; Warren Edson, Law Professor; Nichole West, Compliance Teacher; and Shawn Coleman, Policy Teacher

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