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 President Chloe Villano featured in People Magazine and The International Business Times "Top 20 Most Influential People in the Cannabis Industry"

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Russ Bellview Show Chloe Villano from Clover Leaf Consulting in Denver on the new recreational marijuana regulations;

Chloe Villano from Clover Leaf Consulting in Denver on the new recreational marijuana regulations;

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CLU - Quotes “The university hopes to not only educate cannabis consumers, but to offer cannabis training for cannabis business entrepreneurs,” says CEO, Chloe Villano. State approved courses range from Cannabis Business 101, Master Cultivation, Infusion Laboratories, and Concentrates. There is also legal education and advanced cultivation courses that set the standard for a higher level of professional education for the entire medical marijuana industry. - See more at:

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When Colorado first required medical marijuana businesses to vertically integrate in 2010, the industry was full of shotgun marriages—growers and retailers suddenly had to combine forces into a single entity to comply with the law. Now, as many of those businesses transition to recreational marijuana, some of the growers and retailers involved are going through divorces and shacking up (i.e., consolidating) with other operations. That’s where Chloe Villano comes in. She’s the CEO of Clover Leaf Consulting, which she believes is one of the only business firms in the country that specializes in marijuana-related mergers and acquisitions. Her website could be mistaken for a dating site, with separate areas for those seeking to sell a licensed cannabis business and those seeking to buy one—with Villano playing the matchmaker.

Villano says it can take months for her to find the right business for a potential buyer—she’s seen deals come apart for any number of reasons. In the beginning of her operation, she says that those running marijuana businesses were true believers; they’d seen medical marijuana help people they cared for. Now, she says, “you have big-business Wall Street guys” looking to get into the business. She has to explain to them Colorado licensing law and its residency requirements, byzantine local zoning ordinances, and the other regulatory hurdles. “There’s so much people don’t understand,” she says.

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Colorado Pot Clubs Celebrate Legal Marijuana in New Year

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‘Club 64′ Promises More Pot Events To Come

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1st Marijuana Club Already Closed In Colorado

CBS 4 Denver

CLUB 64: Colorado’s First Cannabis Club Opens Today

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Denver’s first marijuana den, Club 64, to open 4:20 p.m. Monday

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Pot activists divided over new cannabis club


Club 64 charges $29.99 to bring your own marijuana

Denver marijuana Club 64 is now open: Members only allowed

Club 64 is Denver’s first private marijuana club

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Members-only marijuana clubs open in Colorado

Fox 8 WGHP

Denver’s first private marijuana club opens on New Year’s; but is it legal?

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Amendment 64 activists divided over new Denver marijuana club

Fox 31 Denver

Colorado Marijuana Clubs Open Following Passage Of Amendment 64

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Members-only marijuana clubs open in Colorado

Huffington Post

Club 64 One of the First Marijuana Clubs Opens for New Years Celebration

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Members-Only Marijuana Clubs Open In Colorado

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First Legal ‘Marijuana Club’ Opens in Colorado

“Club 64,” Americas First Legal Recreational Cannabis Club Opening Today at 4:20 p.m.

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Denver marijuana club convenes with Cheetos and Goldfish

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Young Turks guest: ‘Marijuana is literally more popular in our state than Barack Obama’

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Colorado’s First Marijuana Club Began 2013 with a Grand Opening in Denver

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