CLU Falculty

Faculty Bios


Chloe Villano, Dean / President / Founder of Clover Leaf University 
Chloe Villano® is a former paralegal and entrepreneurial executive with 15 years of experience in business startups and turning companies toward success with consulting services. Chloe is also the owner and founder of Clover Leaf Consulting® – working for years as one of the most sought after cannabis business consultants in the industry.  She has consulted, developed, started, sold, and performed due-diligence for valuation on more successful cannabis businesses than any other. After working with hundreds of dispensaries, centers, mass cultivation facilities, kitchens, and cannabis brands, she is poised to use her experience to influence the growth of the industry to be safe, well managed, and beneficial to all. As a nationally recognized cannabis expert, she has worked to expand the industry as a public speaker, policy advisor, former dispensary owner, and consultant, specializing in industry compliance, and mergers and acquisitions. She has a strong know-how from the most basic needs of the marijuana industry to the most complicated and challenging aspects. In 2012, she founded Clover Leaf University®, the only cannabis education program approved, regulated, and licensed by the Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board. She has advised various government agencies in the development of both local and state regulations and compliance standards since the inception of the current system. Experience in this area has allowed Chloe to author four books on understanding these complicated compliance standards. Recently she has developed certifications through Clover Leaf University® that provide safety and compliance training to cannabis vendors, cultivators, and product manufacturers. CLU® has educated, coached and trained a wide variety business professionals, and developed countless business procedures and best practices for the cannabis industry. Expanding her reach as Executive Director of the Cannabis Business Association®, she offers national policy consulting and legislative expertise to other states and various leading government agencies that are constructing new legislation. She has been featured in many publications including People Magazine’s Marijuana Millionaires and The International Business Times 20 most influential people in the cannabis industry.  

Jeremy Applen
Jeremy Applen entered the cannabis arena with a background in pharmaceutical research and development, including experience gained at Pfizer and the Department of Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Program Clinical Pharmacy Coordinating Center. Founding Page Analytical , New Mexico’s first state-approved Medical Cannabis Testing Facility, Jeremy worked with the New Mexico Department of Health, Medical Cannabis Program, in drafting regulatory guidelines and improving alignment with regulations utilized by the US Food and Drug Administration for analogous products.Since that time, he has worked closely with government regulators and numerous cannabis organizations both nationally and internationally, to resolve significant issues related to regulations, product quality and product safety. Jeremy is an ISO 17025:2005 assessor for the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation and has spoken throughout the US on topics such as the practical and technical issues faced by cannabis laboratories


Ed Rosenthal – Cultivation Instructor
Ed Rosenthal is the world's leading expert on the cultivation of marijuana. His books have sold well over a million copies and his most recent edition of "Marijuana Grower's Handbook" has revolutionized the field. Ed has always been driven by a desire to develop innovative, effective, and non-toxic methods of gardening. He was one of the original American writers to travel to Holland, bringing the knowledge and sophistication of European horticulture to the U.S. through his books and Ask Ed column. While his career has focused on marijuana cultivation, he is an avid gardener of edible plants and flowers as well. Ultimately, Ed believes that no matter the plant, a gardener should never be forced to resort to using potentially dangerous means in order to enjoy a bountiful harvest.

Adam Dunn – Breeding, Cultivation, Infusion & Hemp Teacher
One of the most well respected master cultivators and breeders in the cannabis and hemp industries.  Mr. Dunn’s exclusive knowledge and industry firsts have led him to an unparalleled expertise. As the CEO of THSeeds, he has introduced some of the most sought after strains in the industry and has won over 20 Cannabis Cups internationally. His clothing line, Hemp Hoodlum, has reached legendary status by expanding internationally to over 16 countries and hundreds of shops. His expertise in the industry has spanned over 20 years and his advocacy has helped re- birth the hemp industry.


Shawn Coleman – Responsible MJ Vendor Safety, Cannabis Consulting Teacher
He began work in marijuana policy while serving as a Legislative Assistant for Representative Jared Polis, a congressional leader on marijuana policy reform in Washington D.C. He returned to Colorado to serve as the Industry Liaison for Colorado Springs State Bank and was subsequently the Executive Director of the Cannabis Business Alliance (CBA), a non-profit trade organization for medical cannabis professionals and ancillary businesses. Most recently he ran the coordinated campaign to pass Amendment 64 and the successful Question 301 in Fort Collins which overturned the ban on marijuana businesses. He is also a member of The United States Commission on Civil Rights Colorado State Advisory Board.


Nichole West – Responsible MJ Vendor Safety, Cannabis Consulting Teacher
Nichole West is a Cannabis compliance specialist. She has been operating legal industry based businesses for over 6 years and has helped companies throughout Colorado, Oregon and Nevada obtain 18 license. She is a certified business instructor for Clove Leaf University.  Nichole's original focus in 2007 was on California cannabis real estate acquisitions and brokering and 2009 Nichole sat on the board of a city licensed Not For Profit Dispensary in Long Beach California.  Nichole has consulted several city and county municipalities throughout California on Cannabis Law Development as the industry has expanded.  Currently Nichole is the Vice President for Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers, a multi-state, vertically integrated chain of dispensaries, grows and extract processing facilities. 


JJ Chamberlain – Responsible MJ Vendor Safety, Cannabis Consulting Teacher
Mr. Jeffrey “JJ” Chamberlain is an expert in all aspects of extraction in the cannabis industry including production, processing, packaging, compliance, and branding. He specializes in large scale extraction and edible production and was featured in High Times “Weed People” in June 2014. Mr. Chamberlain excels in manufacturing methods including shatter, flake, budder, vaporizer oil, BHO, bubble hash, live resin, winterization, different solvents, post processing and use of machinery. He has developed, implemented and trained on proprietary operations procedures, compliance checklists, safety protocols, and extraction methods for several large cannabis companies. Mr. Chamberlain graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Studies.


Scott Reach – Cultivation Instructor
A stand-out in the cannabis breeding community, Mr. Reach is the mastermind and founder of Rare Dankness Seed Company. As a Master Grower and award winning Breeder, clone collector with the Devils Harvest Krew (DHK) and cancer survivor, Scott's life work and love is deeply rooted in Cannabis and span more than 15 years. Scott has settled in Colorado making it his home since the late 90's, but has many experiences and expertise enhanced  by the time he spends in communities, such as Valencia, Spain and Amsterdam, Netherlands, expanding his vision.


Neil Demers, Responsible MJ Vendor Safety, Cannabis Consulting Teacher
Mr. Neil Demers is an expert in all aspects of the marijuana industry including retail, grow and edible operations. He specializes in development, growth, execution and compliance of marijuana retail stores, commercial grow warehouses and large scale edible companies.

In 2010 Mr. Demers graduated from the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business with a Masters of Science in Finance.  He also has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a focus on corporate finance, investment analysis and marketing, and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Economics from Colorado State University.  Upon completion of his studies, Mr. Demers began planning for the eventual growth of the marijuana industry in Colorado with expectations that it would spread throughout the United States.  Mr. Demers currently owns and operates one of the leading dispensary locations in Colorado. Prior to his current venture, Mr. Demers was the Chief Operating Officer of multiple retail and grow operations in Colorado; and then one of the leading edible companies.  His forward thinking and expertise in business, the marijuana industry and finance allow him to understand the changing landscape of the marijuana industry in a way that is extremely important to his success. Earlier in his career, Mr. Demers was the Chief Operating Officer of CannaCounsel whose brands included CannaLicense, Kind Reviews, CannaJobs, Patients Rights Group and the Patient Resource Center.  Mr. Demers is also the vision of and the Chief Executive Officer of CannaStaff, a developing global employment resource.

Dr Mark Scialdone Mark Scialdone, PhD. – Founder, CEO, President and Principal Consultant BetterChem Consulting Inc.
Mark is an organic chemist skilled at designing and synthesizing a wide variety of molecules and product formulations. He is an expert in organic synthesis, catalysis, natural product chemistry, plant oil extraction, characterization, analysis and chemical modification. He is a co-inventor of 29 issued US patents and has authored 15 publications in the scientific literature during more than decades of both basic fundamental and product development research. He has given invited lectures at more than 30 different academic institutions and international scientific meetings,  
Mark holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Science in chemistry from Michigan Technological University, a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from Wayne State University and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Colorado State University.  In 2013 he founded BetterChem Consulting as President and Principal Consultant and in 2015 he joined Vape Holdings (OTCQB: VAPE) Inc. as the Chief Science Officer. BetterChem Consulting provides consulting services to the chemical industry and Vape Holdings is a company bringing innovative products serving the cannabis industry. Mark is a dog lover and musician who enjoys playing old time traditional music on anything with strings. He and his wife Cara who teaches children’s music reside in West Grove, Pennsylvania with their two teenage children Jake and Sophie