Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Governing Board

Clover Leaf University Governing Board / Faculty 

Founder, Director, Dean, In State Agent - Chloe Villano


Advisory Board

Chloe Villano - Dean, Founder, President

Shawn Coleman - President 36 Solutions

Jeff Ferro - VP United Food and Commercials Workers Union International

Neal Langerman - Advanced Chemical Safety

Jeremy Applen - Consultant Clover Leaf  Consulting / Co-Founder of Canopy Systems

Jason Cranford - Flowering Hope Foundation

Bob Hoban Esq -  Hoban and Feola

Rachel Gillette Esq. - Law Offices of Rachel Gillette

Dr Jose Franceschini - Jose A. Franceschini Carlo, M.D.,F.A.P.A. Chairman Department of Psychiatry Universidad Central Del Caribe

Dr Mark Scialdone - PHD Chemist  

Michael Cindrich Esq. - Green Capital Ventures / Gridiron Cannabis Coalition

Marty Otanez - Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology UCD

Neil Demers - MSF University of Denver, Business Owner

Ken Anderson - Original Green Distribution

Alana Malone - CEO Green Dot Labs

John Paul Woodliff - Industry Executive 



Chloe Villano, Curriculum Developer, Business, Regulations

Ed Rosenthal, Cultivation, Greenhouse, Master Techniques

Dr. Mark Scialdone, Chemistry, Infusions and Extracts

Dr. Jose Franceschini, Medical Cannabis Programs 

Adam Dunn, Breeding, Cultivation, Hemp



Scott Reach, Breeding, Cultivation

Shawn Coleman, Responsible Vendor, Business

Nichole West, Budtending, Management, Compliance, Marketing

J.J. Chamberlain, Infusions and Extracts

Neil Demers, Business, Contracts, Start Ups, Compliance

Joel Smith, Compliance, Business. Regulation, Safety

Kristi Ryder, Budtending, Compliance


Instructors / Workshops

Jair Velleman, Lighting

Jeremy Applen, Compliance and Safety Systems

Danielle Fox, Marketing

Jonah Tacoma, Marketing

Michael Cindrich, Laws and Regulations

Matthew Buccerio, Open a Business, Markets, Business Set up

Deloise Vaden, Cannabis Culinary Arts

Elyse Gordon, Cannabis Culinary Arts

Chef Justin Langer, Cannabis Culinary Arts